keetaw (keetaw) wrote,

my sister's friends think they're all deities

I visited my sister at school today. And while the day isn't done I feel a lot better knowing she's alright.

She is SO beautiful. So amazingly beautiful. She's been straightening her hair like I told her, and just looks absolutely amazing. She is so reminiscent of a Cherokee woman... I don't know. The resemblance is remarkable.

I adore her. She grabbed a hold of me when I peeked into her classroom at about 0840 this morning. She wouldn't let go of me and was sobbing. She was so happy to see me.. and I was happy to see her as well.

I don't know. I don't know what to think. It's so wonderful to be loved so much by someone. It's the best feeling in the whole world. It's so great that I have someone who is incredibly close to me and doesn't care what I do or don't do because to her, I'm perfect already. There's no need to impress her, no need to have to sugarcoat things. Just me and her and our simple sister bond.

She doesn't think that me moving will be that rough... but I know her better. She'll have to come see me during the summer before school. I'll be in NY for a few weeks out of the summer. Maybe she can visit after that. Maybe she'd stay!

It was funny. I told her I'd bring him next time and she gave me one of her sideglances.. She peers so incredibly close to a person's soul with her squinty little brown eyes. (Everyone thinks she looks a lot more Asian than anything else. I used to tell her she was adopted. But her high cheekbones are nothing short of a Tsalagi.)

What was really cute was one of her friends asked me who I was referring to. My sister goes, "Her boyfriend. This guy she talks about all the time... At least.. He's a boyfriend until she gets a ring."

Then I gave her a sideglance.

I'll probably venture out around 1530 to see her at the vocational building they have here at Northwest. I truly loathe this school, but it's good to see my sister halfway vibrant amongst the rubble and ruckus. She's a beautiful girl and I know she'll grow up and be something spectacular.
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