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[the cat likes to perch]

The cat of the people who I'm currently living with (and for only about a day more) enjoys perching upon the desk above me. We have a sort of love/hate relationship, one in which he defends me to the fullest extent of his feline abilities and likes to cuddle... the other where he gets angry at outside environment and likes to take it out on me. He needs some discipline, I swear.
Now, I adore this cat, but I much prefer my grandmother's cat, Jojo. Maybe when I get to New York I can have my father buy me a kitten. A silver one. Or a white one. Or a black one. I don't care for tabbies, I don't much like orange ones, and I don't like black and white ones. A calico would be nice too, but it would remind me too much of Crescent, and I would probably wail.
In other news, yes. I am moving back to New York for the better part of the year. I'm supposed to be absconding to New York late tomorrow evening with some relative; either my aunt or my father. I will be residing with my grandmother, getting school done, getting a car, getting a bike, a job... Everything. I hope it is as wonderful as it's been made out to be. I always try to not expect too much, but it is my family... And for the first time in a long while I can say I love all of them. (with the exception of my mother)
I will leave really only two people behind in North Carolina that I think I might die without... those two being Mitchell Lane Pugh and my sister. I am grateful for the people who took me in. I am grateful for my numerous acquaintances over the years, but they, you, whoever, are nothing like what I have in New York. I have friends who I've missed for the longest time, things I've missed for an even greater amount, and my family, who is going to try to be there for me.
The one good thing to this at least is that a certain someone is about 100 miles closer, and will be able to stay as long as he likes on visits. :] I'm ecstatic.
I can't say that I'm not excited to go. I'm very much ready and willing to leave this place. Most of the things I own are replaceable. We're planning on telling the people I'm staying with that there's been a family emergency and that I have to go up to New York temporarily... But then, I probably will not come back.
I should be able to keep whoever is driving awake with my babbling. I manage to do that enough to other people, so with this trip I'm sure it'll be nothing. I hope there is a radio. I love singing, and I'm horrible at it... which is probably a good thing in this situation.
I'm glad that someone, somewhere has finally accepted me and wants to take care of me. I'm glad people are happy to see me for once. I've missed that. I've missed coming home to a warm environment, where people get along. All I've ever wanted is that... and now that it's so close, it's palpable.
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