keetaw (keetaw) wrote,


Today is the day. Hopefully.
Dad hasn't called yet. I'm getting anxious. I know I shouldn't pack yet because that will lead the people I'm living with to suspicion. Or however that word is spelled.
I want so badly to see the fam, and all my friends. I don't think anyone has any idea how happy I am to be going back home.
I'll be closer to a certain someone as well. Not by much; only 100 miles, but he can come and visit and stay and... Ah.
I'm looking forward to the drive home, too. Hopefully there's a radio in the car so we can tune into different stations and sing along with the music.
I need to get my check cashed. I'll have about 200 bucks then on my person. That'll be good.
I also need to take a piss. I'm going to do that now.
And I got a text message about Steven. I have to say that was the funniest shit ever. The girl he's seeing now or whatever says he compares her to me all the time and that I'm the love of his life.
But we all know that's bullshit, and besides... I'm happy right now with who I'm with, with what I'm doing, where I'm going.
Maan. Life is GRAND.
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