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people watching

I enjoy watching people.
There is this pair of people, J and R. They are not dating but when you watch them... there are all the classic signs of attraction. There are those brief, subtle, fleeting touches and the way they sit with one another. They lean against each other and bump into the other. I'm really mystified by their relationship. [Though it's probably just another case of teenagers not being able to be with their boyfriend or girlfriend for a while so they act their affections out on other people..] She has known and been with her boyfriend, or so she says, for quite a while.. but the way she quickly touches R's leg, his hands, his torso.. She wants him. She restrains herself when people are obviously looking, but when they are alone - they both brush against each other.
There are also those subtle glances that allure people. He watches her when she isn't looking; his eyes full of adoration and love.. only for her. They even come and go together. He is the perfect gentleman - soft, caring, patient. He waits for her even though she will never give up the familiarity of her current relationship. But for him?
No tiene ostra estrella.
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